alle honden van een fostermama...

alle honden van een fostermama...

June 20, 2014 15:00
Update June 2014....its almost a year now that Tulana has been in foster and enjoying her new life away from the killing station where she was found. She is happy, energetic and well behaved, very sociable with dogs and people and a great house dog. Will anybody give her a loving permanent home?

Update June 2014....little Oleg was in the Refugio for a long time and now he is in foster and is such a happy loving little dog. He loves to play ball, run free and enjoy his new life.
He is very affectionate and great with other dogs and people.
He needs a loving home and plenty of exercise!

Update June 2014 .....Cayetana got the care she needed and has now been in foster for a couple of months. She is a typical cocker, loves affection, is gentle and sociable with other dogs. She enjoys her walks, runs free and is very obedient. A lovely cocker girl with a long tail who needs a lovely permanent home.

Update June 2014 ......Kron had a bad period in his life but for the past 2 months he has been in foster and is now a different dog. He is so lovable, affectionate and sociable. His tail wags all the time and he is a true companion. A typical cocker, who loves his food and his walks. Is there someone who can give him the best for the rest of his life?

Update June 2014.....Oscar has been in foster for the past 6 months because of problems with his previous owners. He is a real character, playful, lively and affectionate and good with other dogs and people.
However, he sometimes becomes possessive with his food and his toys and because of this he needs to be in a home where there are no young children. Apart from this he is doing well in foster and is enjoying his life.

Update June 2014 ....Jeffrey the Breton is one special and affectionate little dog. He is so friendly and after a bad start in life, probably with the hunters, he is now in a foster home with other bretons and cockers. He is doing very well, loves his runs in the countryside, comes back when called and loves to play. Who wants to share walks with this gorgeous little boy?

Update June 2014 ......Samantha is a pretty little Breton girl who had a bad start in life and found herself abandoned. She is very sensitive and affectionate. Loves to run on the countryside and play with the other dogs she shares her foster home with. She came into foster with little Jeffrey and they are inseperable, although of course they can be adopted separately!

Update June 2014 .....Little Jelte was in a bad condition and had obvioiusly been used for breeding for a long time. She has been in a foster home for a couple of months now with other spaniels and she has gradually got so much better. She is a typical springer, loves to run in the countryside and enjoys the company of other dogs and people. It is wonderful to see her so much more affectionate, healthy and happy than she has ever been.

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